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This is the home of ChessGML, the Chess Game Markup Language. An application of XML, the World Wide Web Consortium's Extensible Markup Language, ChessGML aims to provide an open, standardardized data format for the exchange and publication of any kind of chess data.

This sounds like an ambitious goal, and you might ask what's the point in adding another data format to the set of existing ones. ChessGML: The Why and Wherefore gives the answer.

At the time being, ChessGML is a work in progress, started publicly in April 2000. There is a prototypical implementation and sample documents you can download and experiment with, but please don't expect a plug-and-play tool (yet). If you want to see first what can be done with ChessGML, get a nicely formatted Winword document with the games of the recently finished Corus tournament or view the tournament table hyperlinked to the games. Or view the commented game Rubinstein – Teichmann from Karlsbad 1907 as a Winword document.

ChessGML is a private effort; no commercial interest is involved, and I am (and will remain to be) indepent from any maker or vendor of chess software. This means that I am not paid for my work, so I would welcome your comments and constructive criticism as a reward.

And this is an open project. Feel invited to join, help and contribute!

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