The ChessGML download page

This page lists the material that is available for ChessGML. If you want to know which (XML and programming) tools are necessary for working with ChessGML, look at the distribution documentation.

Distribution packages

There are two variants of the ChessGML distribution:

See the distribution documentation for the exact differences and for a list of the tools you need to generate the other files. Once you have the tools you needn't do the generation manually; the script init.bat in the distribution's top-level directory does it for you.

Sample files

All the files listed in this section are also contained in the distribution. Get one of them if you have a slow Internet connection and want to make a decision whether you are sufficiently interested to downlad the complete distribution.

More sample files

There are ten more tournaments (ranging from classics like Hastings 1895 to the last two German championships) in a separate distribution named ChessGML data (826 KB in size). The formats provided are PGN and ChessGML SAN. You have to perform the transformations yourself with the tools in the ChessGML distribution; sample scripts for this purpose are included.

The PGN Standard

The PGN standard is available in several formats:

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